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 Long time no see?

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PostSubject: Long time no see?   Tue Oct 28, 2008 11:32 am

Heh, Been awhile since I've talked to most of you guys :p, How are things? Anyways here's an update on me...

I'm playing PWI atm and I'm level 72 D:, Rolled a mage and went with a light armor build for survivability 60-90, though i plan to restat to pure in endgame. As some of you know i joined RQ at the start of closed beta and have stuck with them. Oh, there's a few new things here that we didn't have on PW-MY aswell, For example we can fly in TW's like on PW-CN and on December 1st were getting the patch which will bring us up to date with PW-CN .

Here's some screen shots:

RQ Vs. Conq,Bloodlust,Axegang,Panic war.

Last territory war(easy win,Yes i realize my damage is halfed. Did it for SS purposes.):

Current TW map on my server(Ragequit is pale red,Bloodlust is Teal,Conqueror is dark red,Unlimited is yellow,Axegang is green,Panic is orange. All that really matters:

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Long time no see?
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